Biblical Messages

MYTHBUSTERS: The church only wants my money

Preaching a message on financial stewardship is never easy for pastors.  Yet, if it’s done with the right heart – to edify believers, not to lecture them – it can make a real difference in people’s lives.

To begin a new series entitled, “MYTHBUSTERS:  Uncovering truth about Christianity”, I began with one of the hottest myths going:  that the church only wants my money.  Let’s face it:  everybody wants a piece of the charitable giving pie; there are thousands of charities, many of which are worthy of our consideration, that are asking us to part with our money.  Is the church just another one of those?  No.  God’s people are invited to use money as a tool to leverage influence for eternity.

This message includes this video, and is based on the parable of the shrewd manager in Luke 16.1-13.  This to the message by clicking this link.