Biblical Messages

Power Through Powerlessness: When you talk to God…give yourself

On Good Friday, we celebrate – yes, celebrate – the death of Jesus.  It sounds morose to celebrate a death.  It’s not like at a funeral, though, where we celebrate a life.  Christ followers celebrate the life of Jesus all year.  But on this day, we celebrate his death.  Why?  Because had Jesus not died, we would still be stuck in our sins.  And had Jesus not died, he would not have risen from the dead to open the door for us to receive eternal life!

In this message, from Luke 22.47-23.56, we explore how Jesus’ power over death came through what we perceive to be powerlessness.  We see that he gave himself totally.  May we do likewise for his cause.

You can listen to the message here.  It’s Friday…but Sunday’s comin’!  See you at the empty tomb!