Biblical Messages

When You Talk To God…Say ‘Holy’

Prayer is, simply put, talking to God.  Some find it easy, others find it difficult.  Most people would be interested in knowing more about it.

In my new series, “When You Talk To God…”, I’m exploring prayer in a deeper way, based on what we commonly call The Lord’s Prayer, found in Matthew 6 and Luke 11. This week, we looked at the stanza, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name”. What does it mean to call God “hallowed” or “holy”? What does it mean that God is in heaven? What does it mean that we call him our Father?

You can listen to the message, using Bible texts in Isaiah 6.1-8 and Revelation 4, here.

Encouragement From The Word

A Correction…

Friday’s “Encouragement From The Word” had a slip-of-the-mind in it:  A careful reader helpfully reminded me that of course, William Temple was the Archbishop of Canterbury whom I quoted – not Fulton Sheen, who was a Roman Catholic Bishop and did not say what I quoted him saying.

Thanks, John, for the sharp eye!  🙂