What Recession?

I had to stop today at one of our local megamalls to deal with a defective zipper on a winter boot I had bought there almost a month ago.  Saturday is a day I tend to avoid malls at the best of times, but usually, “in the bleak mid-winter”, it can be tolerable.

Maybe usually, but not today.

Today, it was like the week before Christmas in that mall.  The crowds of people were shoulder-to-shoulder.  It left me asking myself, What recession? 

When I spoke to the clerk in the shoe store I was dealing with, I mentioned this.  She said, “Yeah, it makes you wonder, doesn’t it?”

“People have the money to buy what they want to buy,” said I.  “It’s a matter of priorities.”

I’m no economist, but maybe it will be people’s willingness to spend beyond their means that may help bring the economy out of recession.  But in the long term, what good will be done by the amassing of all that debt?

Lots of questions I can’t answer, but when I look at the shopping malls, one thing I can say is that people are still spending.

Any thoughts?