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Probing Our Purpose: Worship

The congregation I serve, St. Paul’s Church, Nobleton, has this as its purpose statement:

St. Paul’s exists to worship God, be a caring Church, grow in Christ, and share God with everyone.

This month, in four messages, I will be probing our purpose, to know what it means to live, as a church family, by this statement.

This week’s message is about what it means to exist as a church to worship God.  It’s based on Psalm 95, and uses this video as an illustration.

You can listen to the message here.  Feel free to comment!

1 thought on “Probing Our Purpose: Worship”

  1. Sorry we missed your video, by the chuckles it sounded really good. When you asked, What is Worship to you? It confirmed to us that we were on track. Its ok to voice a good loud “AMEN” or a laugh or rip roaring piece of music. Tell everyone I want to hear more Amens’ from them. Love to worship with all our heart, mind and soul and VOICE!

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