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Why The Church Doesn’t Need To Craft A Mission Statement

It’s my firm conviction that the church of Jesus Christ doesn’t need to craft a mission statement.  Why?  Because it already has one!  When Jesus gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28.16-20), he gave the church the greatest mission statement ever!

However, it’s also my firm conviction that the church of Jesus Christ needs to know how God wants that mission statement worked out in the local church – and that’s why statements of vision and purpose should be crafted by church leaders.  You can listen to my talk on this subject, “The Mission Propels The Vision”, here.

4 thoughts on “Why The Church Doesn’t Need To Craft A Mission Statement”

  1. ditto; however, if you still got this phrase in Seminary; “EXEGETE THE SITUATION”!! If a mission statement is necessary, avoid puns!

  2. Hello Jeff:

    It makes us said to know we will not be participating in these amazing changes you are planning for the community of St.Paul’s Nobleton. That is physicaly…but know we will be praying for the congregation and the lost soles of Nobleton and the surrounding area to come and see the marvilous work of Jesus.

    You were right on when you said the main reason for our kids dropping out of coming to church is due to releationships….I know of two children that are not attending church due to this reason…we MUST walk the talk…1’st change.

    Buy the way you are not the only one who likes change…..Dave calls me a frusted household mover…ha…ha.

    So happy Ek told us about this site….know we will listen every week. Like being together….sort of.

    Don’t give up….ever….when you and or Dianna want a run away place to go to, call us. The cottage is not fancy but it’s a great place to be alone and talk to God.

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