Equipping the Church: The School of Urban Biblical Studies

Beginning in January, one of my personal mission endeavours and one of my passions will merge:  I will teach a course in the School of Urban Biblical Studies, a “subway seminary” being overseen by SIM Canada.  One night a week, I hope to be able to provide some teaching and encouragement to church leaders across the Greater Toronto Area who might not otherwise be able to receive a theological education.

I first learned about SUBS when it was still a glint in the eye of one of SIM Canada’s staff, who ‘pitched’ the idea to a group of people sitting at a breakfast table for a special prayer gathering almost two years ago.  The idea so struck me that I left my card with him, and here we are.

The idea behind SUBS is to provide a low-cost basic theological education principally to immigrant pastors and church leaders who work all day at a secular job in order to support themselves and their families, while also pastoring churches in their ‘spare’ time.  Many of these leaders could not afford a formal theological education.  Many also do not have cars, so the courses are all offered in church buildings within a reasonable walk of a transit line (thus the idea of a ‘subway seminary’). 

The course I will be teaching is called “Growing a Healthy Church Community”, and will focus on helping leaders understand both how God has wired us up spiritually and emotionally, and how to deal effectively with people who can sometimes be difficult.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sitting in on this course, taught at the People’s Church, Toronto, then check out