Encouragement From The Word

Praying and Promptings

            Anybody who knows me well knows that “early mornings” and “Jeff” generally don’t mix very well.  My favourite mornings are the ones when I can sleep in until I feel totally rested (usually around 9 o’clock).


            I can tell you that I don’t get too many favourite mornings!  And Thursday was an example of that.


            I woke up just after 5 on Thursday.  Sure, I had to do what commonly has to be done when one awakens early in the morning, but then, sleep was not to be regained.  I was frustrated, but at the same time, intrigued by what the Lord had placed on my mind that morning.


            Virtually every day, I wake up with a song in my head.  On Thursday, it was an 80’s choir anthem by Bryan Jeffery Leech called “Come Share The Lord”.  I haven’t sung it for years.  But along with that came a distinct call to pray.


            Only occasionally am I ‘jolted’ (perhaps a strong word for the context) to pray for someone I don’t know personally or have some personal connection with, but on Thursday morning at 5:07, I felt a distinct nudge to pray for a young woman named Sangita Patel who is a weather specialist on City TV in Toronto.


            I was able to learn only a little about her by using internet searches, so I know nothing of her faith life at all.  But I distinctly felt God asking me to pray for someone in her life to share the Lord with her.  I don’t even have an email address at which I could contact her, which I normally would do when I feel that nudge from God.  So I simply have to trust that the Lord is going to act on that prayer.


            When little things enter your mind – whether at the start of the day or ‘whenever’ – how do you respond?  I remember the story of the call of Samuel in 1 Samuel 3.  Samuel had been hard-prayed-for by his mother, who had been unable to conceive; and when she did, she promised to give her son over to God’s service.  So, as a lad, Samuel served the Lord in the company of Eli, the tabernacle priest.  One night, Samuel heard a voice call out repeatedly, “Samuel!”  And each time, Samuel would go to Eli, who had been sleeping – assuming that Eli had been calling him.  After several episodes of this, Eli realized that the Lord was calling Samuel, so he instructed him to reply, “Speak, Lord, your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3.9b, NLT).  And when Samuel so replied, God revealed a measure of his will to Samuel.


            I promised God that I would pray for Sangita throughout Thursday, trusting him to bring someone she knows and respects to share the Lord with her.  I also promised God that I would be careful to keep in mind the little thoughts he places before me – even at five o’clock in the morning.