This Christmas Pageant Is Different…

pageant-08Last week, the church I’m soon to pastor, St. Paul’s Church, Nobleton, celebrated its annual Christmas Pageant.

Big deal, you’re thinking.  Lots of churches put on Christmas pageants.  Ho-hum.

But this one is different.  It really is.

Why do I say this?

Because this Christmas Pageant, each year, welcomes some four hundred children from three community schools, who come to the church building to see this presentation of the real meaning of Christmas.  Yes, I wrote that correctly:  four hundred children.

Months of preparation go into the presentation.  This year’s was “Bethlehem Treasure”, and it involved thirty children – not all of whom are actively involved in the congregation.  So not only did we have the opportunity to reach out to the children of the community, whose teachers willingly bring them; we also shared the Christmas story with a number of children who were cast members, who may not ordinarily have the opportunity to hear about the love of God, and see it demonstrated by a committed group of Christ-followers.

The people who put this presentation together – Liz, Erma, Ida, Lynda, and their helpers – worked very hard.  Some of them got sick through the process, because of the effort they put forth.  And they count it all joy, because the seed they have sown, we pray, will fall on good soil, drawing more young hearts into the loving arms of the Lord.  St. Paul’s, I am proud of you!