Encouragement From The Word

Praying over the Prorogue

If you’re a Canadian, you’re probably a bit on edge right now, no matter what side of the political fence on which you find yourself. For the first time since no-one-can-remember, the Prime Minister requested the Governor General to prorogue Parliament; and on Thursday, she agreed.

Last week, few of us had ever heard of the verb ‘to prorogue’, and now it’s part of daily conversation. But it’s not there willingly, I think, for most Canadians; our decided preference would be to see the government function as it was elected to, rather than see the politicians fearmongering and jockeying for power and the like. Heavens, we just had an election, and saw quite enough of that then.

Still, we are left in a period of uncertainty: the civil service will continue to run the country, as it has for 141 years, but in the House, there is, well, a domestic dispute. And none of us knows exactly how it will be resolved.

Followers of Jesus exist in every political party in Canada. This doesn’t necessarily make sense to everyone, but it’s the reality in which we dwell! And our responsibility as Christ-followers, whether we have much interest in politics or not, is to pray for our government. Why? Because, as the apostle Paul put it, “The authorities are God’s servants, sent for your good” (Romans 13.4, NLT).

Most of us probably wish that “the authorities” remembered that they are God’s servants, and not the other way around! Nevertheless, we are called to lift them before the Throne of Grace, interceding before the Father for our politicians at every level, that they may know the mind of Christ.

If Jesus were walking the halls of Parliament Hill, would he be a Conservative? A Liberal? A New Democrat? A Green? A Béquiste? Or (f), None Of The Above? You know the answer to that. Jesus transcends labels. Jesus is not about politics anymore than he is about religion. What Jesus is about is the Kingdom, and that is why he sent his Holy Spirit to dwell in us – so that we (including politicians) may usher in the Kingdom of God.

Like you, I want this over – soon – and preferably with no blood on the floor. So join me in praying for our leaders, at every level and in every party.