Encouragement From The Word

Get ready, get set…

            I don’t know what it was like where you live, but the past few days around here have been a bit of a winter wonderland.  Had I not been able to look outside to confirm the presence of all that white stuff, I need only have listened to the radio:  According to Wednesday night’s news reports, there had been something like 302 accidents reported to the police in the Greater Toronto Area.


            It isn’t like we weren’t warned:  meteorologists had been preaching the gospel of snow for several days, citing the speedy movement of an “Alberta Clipper”, in conjunction with the relatively warmer open waters of the Great Lakes.  We all heard about the impending weather, but many weren’t prepared.  They neither changed their tires nor changed their driving habits, and they paid the price.


            How often in our society we fail to heed the warnings!  In the summer, we neglect to apply sun block, and get a burn.  In the winter, we neglect to drive cautiously with an appropriately-prepared vehicle, and we have a collision.


            This isn’t the only area of life where we are warned, though.


            In Mark 13, Jesus talked to his friends about the future.  He forecast the destruction of the temple, that would happen within barely more than a generation.  He told people that lots of folks would show up claiming to be the Messiah, but that they should be wary of who they see coming in God’s name.  Jesus said that he would one day return.  And his simple admonition to people everywhere was, “Watch!” (verse 37).


            In many churches, this Sunday, people will gather to celebrate the reign of Christ, that he is the coming King.  We don’t know when Jesus will come again, but each of us does well to be ready for that time, by placing our faith and trust in him as Saviour and Lord.  And when we have trusted him, we will have nothing to fear on that day, for he will stand as our Advocate.


            So – get your snow tires on, get your winter driving habits honed, and trust the Lord, who will one day consummate all that is.  Then, and only then, can you rest confident!