Bike for Bibles, Encouragement From The Word

Keeping Promises

            I like to be known as someone who keeps his promises.  Back in July, I made a promise.


            At the end of the Bike For Bibles Ontario Ride, I told our gathered throng of riders, roadies and supporters that if they raised $17,500 by the end of August, I would cut off the considerable handlebars that had grown on my moustache over the past year, and send a commemorative photo to every rider.


            I decided to practise a little grace, and stretched the rules so that I could include in that total any amounts that I knew were coming, but had yet to come in.  And with that in mind, our riders have risen to the challenge and have raised more than the goal set out.  Congratulations, riders!


            The Ontario Bike For Bibles ride raised funds for the provision of Bibles to new immigrants, and specifically students of English as a second language in church-based programs, under the title, “The Word of Welcome”.  Thanks to our riders, roadies, and supporters – including all our donors – these folks who are new to Canada, and new to an understanding of God’s love, will receive their own copy of the life-giving Word of God. 


            That, to me, is worth the loss of a few inches of facial hair.  Here are the before and after pictures (courtesy of my wife):




A promise about a moustache isn’t much of a promise, I know.  But if I hadn’t kept it, how trustworthy would I have been to keep a promise of some importance?


            Little things matter.  Jesus told the story of ten servants, each of whom was given a sum to invest for him while their master was away.  To the first servant, who brought back ten times as much as he had been given, the master said, “‘Well done!’… ‘You are a trustworthy servant.  You have been faithful with the little I entrusted to you, so you will be governor of ten cities as your reward’” (Luke 19.17, NLT).  Jesus wasn’t talking about rewards here as much as he was talking about the importance of being faithful, and keeping our word – as a means of honouring God.


            We’ve all met someone who has been less-than-faithful in keeping promises.  God is not like that!  God, by his very nature, keeps his promises.  Contrary to popular belief, there are a few things God cannot do.  One of them is lie.  Because if God were to lie, he would cease to be God.


            I’m grateful to those who are making gifts toward our Bike For Bibles cause (which you can still do at  And I’m grateful that God always keeps his promises – promises that mean much more than a moustache!