Bike for Bibles

Bike for Bibles Ontario Ride, Part 7 (Day 6)

After “hilly” day 5, today seemed like a cakewalk for most of our riders.  Much of the terrain was relatively flat, or at least not dreadfully hilly.  We began after everyone had had a great sleep and breakfast at billets’ homes in Millbrook, and headed northeast toward Peterborough.  It was very hot and humid, but the weather co-operated with us once again.


At Peterborough, we took our morning break at the Lift Lock – the largest hydraulic lock in the world – where we timed our arrival perfectly to see the lock in action.  From there, we followed the Ottonabee River north past Trent University to Lakefield, where the Baptist Church hosted us, fed us, and prayed for us.  From Lakefield, we took very much the “scenic route” to Bobcaygeon via Emily Provincial Park, where the Reaboro-Omemee Baptist Church surprised us with an afternoon snack of ice cream and home baking.


We arrived in Bobcaygeon, albeit late, to a warm welcome.  Showers were taken, supper was shared, and the pastors of Knox Presbyterian Church, Paul and Carey Jo Johnston, along with one of their musical groups, led us in praise.  This capped off a long day with much joy.


Tomorrow morning, we will travel a slightly more direct route to Lindsay, where we’ll worship with the congregation of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church there (at 11:00), and conclude with a celebratory barbecue before heading home.


I can’t beat around the bush:  this has been a draining week.  But the cause for which we have been drained has been worth it.  God has blessed us with the opportunity to see so much beauty in creation, and to see it at a pace that might not normally happen during a typical trip.


I will post more tomorrow after all is said and done.  Thank you once again for your prayers and support for this project (