Bike for Bibles

Bike for Bibles Ontario Ride, Part 3

Day two of Bike for Bibles Ontario has gone great.  We rode from Cobourg to Picton, taking as many lightly travelled routes as possible – though they are hard to find at this time of year!  A few times, we had to travel along Highway 2 or along Highway 33 (the Loyalist Highway), but more often we travelled along county roads that were quieter.

As the group shared during worship tonight, everyone was marvelling at the gift of human senses.  We all remarked on the beauty we saw, of course – quite a lot of the day was spent along Lake Ontario – but many also remarked on what they could smell!  At one point, we were overwhelmed with the smell of strawberries!  As people who lead harried lives, we are blessed this week to be able to go slowly – cycling does have its limits – and enjoy creation, enjoy relationships, enjoy life.

We have some riders who are experiencing some physical struggles, but almost all are continuing to ride anyway.  Please pray for all, that they may experience physical strength and joy in their riding.

We continue to ask for prayers for safety and good weather.  Feel free to respond to the blog with your comments and your prayers, which I can share with our riders and roadies!