Bike for Bibles

Bike for Bibles Ontario Ride, Part 2

We have, uneventfully once again, arrived in Cobourg and been fed both physically and spiritually.  The Lord has been with us mightily.  The folks at the Church on the Hill have treated us royally, and we are grateful – and now, for a good night’s rest!  We get to sleep in:  the riders were so efficient today, we arrived at every stop about an hour ahead of schedule.  So we get to “sleep in” with breakfast at 8.  After tonight’s supper, I don’t think anyone will want to miss breakfast!

Thanks for your prayers!  I hope to post some photos as time allows.  We have a really excellent young photographer as one of our roadies.

Bike for Bibles

Bike for Bibles Ontario Ride, Part 1

Today, the Canadian Bible Society’s Bike for Bibles Ontario ride began.  As time permits, and as wireless networks are available, I will be posting updates on what is happening.

Last night, we gathered in the Salvation Army Citadel in Lindsay, Ontario, to begin our ride.  Riders and roadies from as far away as Windsor and Bracebridge are joining us to raise funds for CBS to provide Scriptures for new Canadians studying English as a Second Language through church ministries across Canada.  We heard a testimony from Klaas Slagter, one of our riders, who is going strong near the front of the pack despite having been diagnosed last fall with prostate cancer.  He was treated very early and rejoices in the Lord at being cancer-free – and riding his bike!

Today, we have (so far) pedalled from Lindsay to Millbrook, without incident.  After lunch, we will climb the Oak Ridges Moraine and begin a slow descent toward Lake Ontario and the town of Cobourg.

Please pray for our riders and roadies, for safety and for good weather.  We are grateful to God to be able to engage in this ministry!