It’s all Hebrew to them

Paul Theophilus\' Hebrew class at TyndaleIt’s easy to love my job.  Where else can you walk into a room and get a round of applause before you open your mouth to speak?

Today, as part of my work with the Canadian Bible Society , I delivered some Hebrew Bibles to a class of Chinese students studying the Old Testament in its original language at Tyndale Seminary. This national program of the Society provides free Scriptures in the original languages to those studying for ministry. The class was expecting me, and when I showed up at the door, I was greeted with much applause. The students knew what they were receiving, and were truly grateful.

We should give thanks to God for those who labour – and I mean labour! – in the study of the original biblical languages. Many will be pastors; some will be scholars; perhaps a few will become translators, so that many more people can read the Bible in their heart language.

Pray for them. Encourage them. Let them know that what they are doing is important and meaningful. The average person in the pew doesn’t care what the Hebrew or Greek for a particular word says, but if the preacher or teacher can apply it appropriately to contemporary life because of his or her study of the language, then the whole church is enriched.

So – to Professor Theophilus’ class in Hebrew at Tyndale – God bless you! Keep up the good work, you and all who study Hebrew and Greek. God will use you mightily.