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Sweet Victory

As I write this, the Montreal Canadiens have (finally) won their first-round NHL playoff series against the Boston Bruins. As a life-long fan of the Habs (les Habitants Canadiens, bien sur), this is a sweet victory – yes, only one of several steps toward the Stanley Cup, but a sweet one nonetheless.  It’s left me (and every other Montreal fan) pumped.

But thanks be to God!  He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 15.57, NIV).  I wonder why everyone who claims the name “Christian” doesn’t feel pumped every day – at least at some level – by this truth?


3 thoughts on “Sweet Victory”

  1. well, now! i am quite shocked that you have used that bible verse almost sacriligiously in reference to your biased fanaticism. i didn’t know God had hockey favourites. and it shouldn’t be the ones who riot in victory. frankly, i have respect for fans that will continue to wear paper bags on their heads through the worst of seasons. that is blind faith of a sort, i guess.

  2. Alison, thanks for your response. I encourage you to re-read the post. A couple of salient points:

    1. The Bible verse had nothing to do with hockey; the hockey thing was simply an illustration of how we tend to get ‘pumped’ at sporting events yet often feel as though we can’t be ‘pumped’ over our faith, which proclaims that Jesus won us the Great Victory – something definitely worth being pumped about! Maybe I didn’t make myself clear enough in the initial post.

    2. This post was written after the first game of the first round of the playoffs; the abominable response of a few Montreal fans came after their first (and, so far, only) victory in the second round of the playoffs. I agree that rioting has no place in sport. A colleague of mine in Montreal said that, despite media reports, the considerable damage was caused by only a few people.

    I should add that I’ve been a Habs fan through thick and thin, even in the worst of seasons, and have never worn a bag over my head about it. Those who are truly proud of their allegiance should be so in good times and in bad times. Same goes for our faith: we should always wear the name of Jesus with humble gratitude, no matter what the temperature of society might dictate we think about him.

    Thanks again for your response.

  3. of course, i was being facetious! sarcasm doesn’t work in cyberspace. thanks for the clarification though. it’s true we don’t get pumped over faith & also the reverse of being humble. we constantly need reminding, as we seem to be not so quick with the learning. always a work in progress.

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