Last-Chance Buffoonery

Can somebody tell me why carefully-choreographed dancing, otherwise known as fighting in hockey, is permitted?

I was watching the final regular-season game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens this evening.  I was enjoying it, because the Habs were outskating, outshooting, and outscoring the Leafs.  But the “cheap shots” and fights in the last few minutes of the game ruined it for me.  If these guys can’t manage their anger on the ice (if indeed it’s about anger as opposed to grandstanding for viewers), what’s to say they won’t haul off and slug someone walking down the street who happens to look askance at them, accidentally?

Okay, I know this is rambling, and not even especially spiritual or edifying.  I just want to know what, other than ratings from half-brained people, is the reason behind such last-chance buffoonery on the part of these guys.  There was nothing significant to be accomplished by it.

Am I wrong?  Battle back!