Giving In For All The Right Reasons

Yesterday, I finally gave in.  I resisted for a long time, despite the goading of several friends, fearing the amount of time it could consume.  I wasn’t sure I saw the value in it.  But yesterday, I finally gave in.

 I joined Facebook.

It isn’t like I needed to; I am blessed to have a network of friends on whom I can call at any time.  (I live with the best one of all.)  And as an introvert, gobs and gobs of social interaction just take energy from me anyway. 

 So why did I do it?

Simple:  influence

Somebody smarter than me once said that it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, and in our culture today, squeaky wheels are often characterized by their willingness to ‘make some noise’, either verbally or by some other demonstration of opinion.  That most frequently happens today via the media – radio, television, newspapers, and now, the Internet. 

Many followers of Christ are reluctant to stand up and be heard (to be “witnesses”, to use a biblical term), by whatever means possible.  And, sadly, that has hurt his cause – especially in the past 50-plus years with the advent of television and high-tech communications.  There is an insufficient number of Christian leaders of integrity using media to point to Jesus Christ.  When I began this blog, and my website,, my goal was to enhance communication, but more importantly, to advance the cause of Christ.

But who reads your blog unless you talk it up?  That’s why I joined Facebook.

If you’re not acquainted with Facebook, it is a social networking tool that allows you to make ‘friends’ with people.  In my case, in the less than 24 hours since I subscribed, I have discovered people I knew twenty years ago as well as people I work with every day, whom I didn’t even know were involved in Facebook.  People can learn as much about you as you choose to disclose.  I suppose one could stretch the truth – or avoid it altogether – in the creation of one’s Facebook profile, so you do well to examine critically whatever you read on the site.  But the advantages, for my purposes, far outweigh the risks.

If even one person who sees my Facebook profile and clicks on my blog begins to consider the claims of Jesus, my foray into online social networking will have been worth every moment I invest in it.

My Facebook profile is available by clicking on the link to the right.